Tesla policeman discharged while chasing a criminal

Tesla policeman discharged while chasing a criminal

September 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Tesla Model S patrol electric vehicle in the Fremont, California police department was discharged while pursuing a crime suspect. It is reported by CNN.

The only “green” car in the fleet of law enforcement Freemont was purchased last year for $ 61.5 thousand. The second-hand 2014 Tesla, the police decided to replace the previous 2007 Dodge Charger in order to save money on fuel. At the beginning of this year, the electric car passed all the tests necessary for the patrol car and entered the service this summer.

The incident happened on Friday, September 20, when a policeman began to chase a driver suspected of involvement in a crime committed in the city of Santa Clara. The chase speed reached 200 km / h, but after some time the patrol contacted the dispatcher and said that he was forced to stop the pursuit, since the remaining battery charge would be enough for only 10 kilometers. An attempt to intercept was made by other police officers who were nearby, however, the car of the suspect was hidden from view.

Freemont police found that the incident was not related to a technical malfunction of the electric car. The patrolman, who had entered the service before, simply forgot to recharge the battery after his shift and gave the Tesla with a discharged battery. “Tesla was not fully charged at the start of the shift. Unfortunately, this happens from time to time, including with gasoline vehicles, which our employees forget to refuel, ”the department noted.