Tesla plant caught repairing Model 3 with tape

Tesla plant caught repairing Model 3 with tape

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The network got pictures of a newly assembled electric vehicle with parts wrapped in black tape

CNBC, citing workers at the Fremont Californian enterprise called GA4, told about violations of regulations in the production of Model 3. In particular, plant employees have to work under difficult conditions, neglect product safety checks to increase production volumes and sometimes self-repair cracks machines using electrical tape.

As evidence, the journalists showed a photograph in which black scotch can actually be seen. According to the workers, they work under difficult conditions day and night: in the first half of the day it is hot in the premises, and in the evening it is cold. In addition, during a forest fire in California last year, the factory workshops were in smoke that ventilation could not cope with.

Representatives of Tesla stated that everything that was voiced was just “jokes” of employees who “were misleading” and “are not a reflection of the real state of affairs” at the plant.

Earlier it became known that in the second quarter of this year, the automaker produced and delivered to customers a record number of electric vehicles. For three months, 95,200 vehicles were shipped to the owners, 17,650 of which were Model S and Model X, and another 77,550 units were Model 3. This is almost 50 percent higher than the first quarter.