Tesla plans to create a new anti-theft system

Tesla plans to create a new anti-theft system

August 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla is preparing an updated version of its own Tesla App for smartphones, which acts as a key.

Through the application, you can both find out how much power reserve is left or activate the air conditioning system, and open the door, hatch or luggage compartment. The updated program is expected to introduce 2-factor authentication, as a result of which it will become more secure.

The plans to introduce two-factor authentication into the Tesla App have become known for a long time, but the specialists of the American corporation have begun to implement them only now. As Elon Musk noted, work on the new function has already been practically completed and in the near future, most likely, it will appear in the version of the program for users.

Access will be confirmed via SMS or an authenticator app. Along with this, Musk apologized for the delay in introducing this important function.

In addition, the release date of the Tesla Model S Plaid was recently announced. It should be emphasized that the “pumped-over” novelty will be equipped with three electric motors, and the capacity of the battery is currently not disclosed.