Tesla plans to build a new version of Model 3 in China

Tesla plans to build a new version of Model 3 in China

February 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to a government document, Tesla is currently seeking approval from China’s top management for the construction of a new version of Model 3 in the China

According to foreign publications, the new Model 3 will have a larger power reserve. Like the current Chinese Model 3, which boasts an electric mileage of over 400 km, this new one will also be equipped with rear-wheel drive.

Tesla began delivering cars from its factory in Shanghai back in December, but imported Model 3s with longer cruising ranges and all-wheel drive are still available to order. The US manufacturer resumed production in Shanghai this week after the government completed a forced holiday established due to a coronavirus.

Earlier this year, Tesla lowered the price of its Model 3, built in China, by 16%. This year, the company also plans to more than double the number of dealerships in China, as well as increase Model 3 production at the new plant in Shanghai, which is designed to produce 250,000 cars a year. Only 30% of the Chinese supply chain is localized, and Tesla plans to receive all the necessary parts from Chinese suppliers by the end of this year.