Tesla patented an unusual technology for heating and cooling seats with liquid

Tesla patented an unusual technology for heating and cooling seats with liquid

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Today, even the most budget models offer seat heating. Ventilation is found in more expensive cars, but it also does not surprise anyone. But Tesla decided to “reinvent the wheel”: the company patented heating and cooling technology based on circulating liquid.

In modern machines for heating, special metal threads with high resistance are used, the temperature of which increases with the passage of current through them. For cooling, in turn, fans are provided that create an air flow (formally, the air itself is not cooled, the effect is achieved by blowing).

What is the difference between the promising Tesla system? She wants to combine heating and cooling in a single system. The chair is supposed to build a system of tubes through which fluid will be pumped. Depending on the selected settings, it will become warm or cool. At the same time, a special layer is provided between the tubes and directly below the seat surface to evenly distribute the temperature, which will avoid the appearance of too hot or cold zones.

According to Car and Driver, the liquid will be cooled from the air conditioning system. Most likely, it is planned to use not a water, but a special gel as a heat carrier. There is no information on how Tesla is going to protect such a system from possible leaks.

Why did the company need to invent such a sophisticated technology if time-tested solutions already exist? One of the advantages of such a system should be energy saving, which is extremely important for electric vehicles. Plus, the installation will work quieter, since cooling will not require the start of fans.

While this is only a patent, it does not guarantee that the technology will ever appear in production electric cars at all.