Tesla owners lost access to their cars for several hours

Tesla owners lost access to their cars for several hours

September 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For several years now, Tesla has been offering car brand owners the ability to drive a vehicle from a smartphone. But just one malfunction in the mobile application turned out to be able to cause massive discontent of owners of electric cars, which were forced to turn into pedestrians.

Messages about the strange behavior of the central lock of Tesla cars began to arrive in the official Twitter account of the automaker. After blocking their electric cars, users could not get into the car interior for several hours.

    “My Tesla refuses to open. The application is not responding. I logged out, re-logged in, but there is nothing in the list of cars available to me, ”said one user.

    “Hey, Tesla, I love my Model 3, but now the application refuses to update, but I’m outside the car. By the way, I am left without a car and have been trying to contact technical support for an hour. Maybe my new car turned into a brick? ”, Another motorist asked ironically.

    “Your server has fallen, Tesla. We can not open the car. What do you say? ”- such messages have been received for several hours.

As it turned out, the crash was related to the Tesla application. The Downdetector website fixed the problem – in five hours, more than a thousand complaints were left related to the inability to log in to the mobile client. A few hours later, the problem was resolved.

In addition to arming the car, the Tesla application has the ability to remotely turn on the steering wheel and seat heating, set a time for after-sales service, get information about the battery level and other parameters of the on-board systems, and start the car using a fingerprint scanner or a face recognition system.