Tesla owners have absolute access to the suspension

Tesla owners have absolute access to the suspension

August 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla’s new software update allows drivers to see their adaptive suspension tune in real time.

Owners of some Tesla Model S sedans and Model X crossovers are getting unprecedented access to the suspension of their vehicles with Tesla’s latest software update, as the automaker sets the stage for some sort of “revolutionary” technology for the upcoming Cybertruck that CEO Elon Musk himself considers “out of the competition.”

The software update affected Tesla’s US fleet late last week, including, but not limited to, a screen that displays the ride height of each shock, compression and rebound stiffness, and G forces at every corner of the vehicle. These readings are updated in real-time, according to one member of the Tesla forum, allowing drivers to accurately track how the adaptive Raven suspension introduced last year adjusts to compensate for body movements.

Tesla also revised the suspension ride height logic, noting that when the ride height is “manually set to a high or very high level, your car will now automatically lower after you have driven a short distance.” Drivers can manually override this by clicking Save next to the Ride Height slider if the car is, say, driving in snow or off-road, maintaining an elevated ride until the maximum speed limit is reached.

The update is especially relevant in light of Elon Musk’s tweeted last February, allegedly “active clearance and active damping are game-changing for a pickup truck or any vehicle with a high maximum / minimum weight ratio”, that is, any vehicle that can sometimes be used for the carriage of goods.

In addition to these adaptive suspension features, Tesla’s latest software is also redefining the way the company’s vehicles interact with Tesla’s Powerwall home battery backup system, allowing vehicles to charge from the Powerwall while constantly monitoring electricity needs from home. As the home’s electricity needs fluctuate, charging will slow down or stop as needed to ensure that there is enough energy in the home.