Tesla owners complain about a crumbling suspension

Tesla owners complain about a crumbling suspension

September 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the front suspension of the crossover, the nuts spontaneously unscrew

Several owners of the new Tesla Model Y electric crossover, after the appearance of extraneous sounds, discovered the absence of a ball nut for the front suspension arm.

On the American Tesla Motors Club forum in the section dedicated to the Model Y electric crossover, Tesla owners complain of a crumbling suspension. The symptoms of this defect are the same for everyone: drivers began to hear extraneous knocks and squeaks from the front suspension, after which they went to the diagnosis and found there the absence of a ball joint nut in the lower arm of the front suspension. Some also noticed the strange position of the front wheel: its upper part was recessed into the arch.

Some Model Y owners were lucky: when they heard a suspicious knock from the front suspension when turning the steering wheel at low speeds, they found that the nut had not yet loosened, although it was already loosened so that it could be rotated with a finger. Obviously, the problem lies in the fact that the nuts of the ball joint at the Tesla plant were not tightened with the required tightening torque, or they were completely forgotten during assembly – most of the electric crossovers on which the defect was found were not even a month old.