Tesla owners are not satisfied with a sharp decline in prices for electric cars

March 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The decline in prices for Tesla electric cars was so significant in some regions that it devalued some recently acquired cars by more than 40%, and this pushed some owners to literally organize protest actions.

Last week, by launching the base Model 3 and changing the sales strategy with an emphasis on switching to online, Tesla also made significant changes in prices and options in the Model S and Model X.

Tesla explains this price cut, saying that switching to online sales will lead to savings.

In some markets, the more expensive versions of the Model S and Model X reduced prices by more than $ 30,000 overnight. One such market is Taiwan, where the price of the Model S P100D was almost halved as a result of recent price changes at Tesla.

This so upset some owners that they organized protest actions at Tesla stores and Superchargers stations.

In China, price cuts were also quite significant, and on Weibo (Chinese Twitter), resentment about the decision began.

“I received a Model X from Tesla on February 25, and traveled on this electric car only five days before Tesla announced a price reduction of $ 25,989. I am probably the most unlucky new buyer … This is unfair,” the Global Times quoted the words of one of users.

Other fans and owners of Tesla protect the company, arguing that price cuts are always good, no matter how they are introduced.