Tesla owners are developing their own dating app

Tesla owners are developing their own dating app

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The program will match pairs using a special algorithm. The main criterion is similar Tesla models.

Canadians have stepped in to create a Tesla Dating dating app. This is an alternative to the popular Tinder today, targeting a circle of select users. Only owners of Tesla electric cars will be able to register in it.

To start using the program, the user will need to upload their photo while driving a Tesla. The next step is to indicate the model and equipment of the electric car. Taking into account these data, the program will select the perfect pair for the car owner.

According to the author of the application, the new program will help fans of electric cars of the American automaker find an interlocutor with similar interests – a real passion for Tesla electric models. These are not just electric cars, but a whole worldview: care for the ecology and the future of our planet, passion for modern technologies and advanced developments. The developer spoke about this in an interview with journalists from Business Insider.

While the development of the application is at an early stage. However, this did not stop him from getting a website right now. The Internet resource has existed for only a few days and is already popular.

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