Tesla owner remotely locked electric car thief

Tesla owner remotely locked electric car thief

May 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The owner of the electric car locked the criminal inside Tesla Model 3 using a special application on a smartphone

In California, the owner of the Tesla Model 3 was able to independently detain the hijacker of his electric car. According to local law enforcement agencies on Facebook, the hijacker was locked in a car using a special application on a smartphone.

According to police, the offender entered the electric car when the driver was there. The hijacker forced the car owner to leave the car. The owner of Tesla left Model 3 and activated an application that allows you to remotely control some functions of the electric car. As a result, he locked the car doors and called the police.

Arriving seniority officers arrested the hijacker. The report emphasizes that at the time of detention the offender behaved inappropriately. According to preliminary data, the hijacker was under the influence of drugs.

Earlier it became known that Tesla electric cars in the near future can get a new function with which they can talk with pedestrians. It is expected that for this, American cars will be equipped with special external speakers. All details about the new technology are kept secret.