Tesla owner caught hijackers using smartphone

Tesla owner caught hijackers using smartphone

October 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The proprietary application allows you to partially control the electric car

Annabelle Brett, a radio host from Canberra, Australia, not only prevented the theft of her electric car, but also helped the police catch failed thieves – all thanks to the Tesla app.

Last week, Brett’s smartphone displayed a notification that her Model 3 alarm had been triggered. As the woman was at work, she asked a friend to check if everything was in order, but the electric car was not there.

Then Brett opened the Tesla application, which allows you to track the location of the car – there she saw that the hijackers did not have time to get far. The woman called the police and went in pursuit of her Tesla in a friend’s car.

“The application allows you to remotely slow down the car and even play a little with it. During the chase, I lowered and raised the Tesla windows, constantly turned on the sound signal – that is, interfered with them in all possible ways, ”Brett told 9Now reporters.

After some time, the unlucky hijackers abandoned Tesla and hid in another car. However, they did not manage to get away from the law enforcement officers: in the electric car, one of them forgot his driver’s license and an envelope with his own address. In addition, the criminals were photographed on-board Model 3 cameras, which turn on automatically when they try to enter the car. As a result, the attackers were quickly found and detained.

This is not the first time a Tesla theft has been prevented using an app. A similar story happened in May in the United States, but then the thief did not even have time to budge: the owner locked him in the cabin and turned off the electric motor.