Tesla on autopilot dodged a collision with a truck

Tesla on autopilot dodged a collision with a truck

September 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The accident could have happened due to the fault of the truck driver

A video was posted on the Web, filmed by the onboard cameras of Tesla Model 3. The presented footage recorded an incident in which the autopilot system of an electric car managed to avoid a collision with a truck.

An emergency situation occurred on one of the highways in the US state of Arizona. Moving in the middle lane, Tesla Model 3 went to overtake a truck with a trailer. At some point, the truck driver drove to the side of the road and, in order to avoid skidding, abruptly returned to the road, dropping into the lane of the electric car.

The Tesla’s autopilot system was able to orient itself in time, maneuver to the next row and accelerate to avoid a collision. Thanks to the all-round cameras installed on board the electric vehicle, it can be assumed that if it were not for the autopilot, the truck would most likely have caught on an American electric car.

According to the driver, during the incident, he first assumed that the autopilot was malfunctioning. However, having noticed the truck, he realized that the autonomous system had saved him from an imminent accident.

This isn’t the first time Tesla’s autopilot has helped drivers avoid an accident. In early July, a video appeared on the Web filmed with a Model 3 on-board video recorder: the camera recorded how the electric car, when the autopilot was operating, deftly dodged a tire flying into it.