Tesla on autopilot crashed into a police car while the driver was watching a movie

Tesla on autopilot crashed into a police car while the driver was watching a movie

August 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The accident, the culprit of which was the Tesla Model S electric car, occurred in one of the American states. The Tesla driver completely trusted the autopilot, having lost control over the situation on the road.

In North Carolina, two police cars and a Tesla Model S electric car were involved in a road accident.

One of the police cars stopped to help another patrol whose car was involved in an accident. The story did not end there: soon another participant joined the police – a Tesla Model S driver, who flew into a company car at speed. As a result of the collision, both police officers were injured, fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

But the patrol cars got much worse: one car was left without a bumper, fender and headlight, and the second one from the impact twisted the wing and doors, and also flew off the rear wheel. The damage to this car turned out to be more significant due to the fact that it collided not only with other vehicles, but also with trees. The foreign portal Electrek tells about the incident.

The driver of the electric car said that at the time of the accident he was watching a movie on his smartphone. The Tesla was controlled by an autopilot. The driver was not embarrassed by the fact that his car was equipped with a level 1 autopilot, which had not been updated. Several charges have already been brought against the American.

Earlier, we said that due to the failure of the Tesla application, owners of electric cars can drive other people’s cars. Several customers of the brand from around the world have already complained about the unusual behavior of the program. Officially, the reason for the software “glitch” has not yet been named.