Tesla offered independent European services to get official status

Tesla offered independent European services to get official status

September 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The company seeks to expand the network of branded service centers at the expense of independent players

Tesla is going to expand the network of official service centers in Europe by attracting repair shops, which are still working unofficially, writes Teslamanian.com.

In order to receive official status, a car service will have to fulfill three conditions. Firstly, to conduct training of its employees, secondly, to acquire all the equipment necessary for the repair of electric vehicles, and thirdly, to ensure compliance with standards during repair operations.


In return, together with the receipt of the official status of factory service, the workshop gets the opportunity, firstly, to repair cars under warranty and receive money from the automaker for this, and secondly, to carry out paid repair of electric cars, including those that have been in accidents, without the threat of losing the warranty …

From the note, however, it is not clear whether services can receive official status in those countries where sales of Tesla electric vehicles have not yet officially started.