Tesla Model Y pre-production crossover prototype spotted in China

Tesla Model Y pre-production crossover prototype spotted in China

November 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A camouflaged prototype of the Model Y electric crossover was baked near Tesla’s Chinese factory. Apparently, the Chinese version of the crossover has already received its serial appearance and is undergoing final tests.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is likely to conduct final tests of the Tesla Model Y crossover before starting its mass production. According to our insiders, permission has already been received from the Chinese government to start sales.

Tesla is almost ready to launch its second Made in China (MIC) model. We are talking about Tesla Model Y, and the video published a couple of minutes ago is proof of this.

The disguised prototype of an electric crossover is most likely a Model Y version intended for the Chinese car market (we don’t know how different it might be from the North American version of the same car). The car was spotted on November 6 at about 11:30 am at the western entrance of Tesla Giga Shanghai (China).

The car is undergoing a series of road tests, according to local media outlet WU WA, which closely follows all the news about Tesla in China.

Chinese media reports that the MIC Y model has already been approved for sale in China, which means that local sales can be expected to start in 2-3 months (January or February 2021), since this is the standard period between obtaining approval and the actual start of sales in China.

The Chinese specification Tesla Model Y electric crossover has the following characteristics:

Dimensions: length 4 750 mm; width 1 921 mm; height 1 624; wheelbase 2 890 mm; Curb weight: 1,997 kg; total weight: 2415 kg, difference: 418 kg. front engine: 137 kW, rear engine: 180 kW, maximum speed: 217 km / h

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