Tesla Model X received an off-road variation

Tesla Model X received an off-road variation

August 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Craftsmen from Germany have previously created an upgrade package for the Tesla Model X.

The decision of car enthusiasts to use a premium car for off-road trips is surprising, because its price is at least 80 thousand dollars. So, in the company Delta4x4 decided to create an off-road variation of the car.

The Tesla Model X now offers large, durable tires that, when combined with the new wheels, can increase the vehicle’s ground clearance by 5 millimeters. The company also offered special equipment called a “lifting kit” that increases the Tesla’s height by another 35 millimeters.

It is placed on shock absorbers so that no suspension characteristics are altered. A complete set of upgrades costs 3 thousand euros. To purchase a set of wheels, you will have to pay only 2.5 thousand euros. The lifting kit is sold for 500 euros.