Tesla Model S sedan gets more power after software update

Tesla Model S sedan gets more power after software update

August 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Owners of the Tesla Model S electric sedan say that after the software update that “flew” to their cars, the performance gains are really noticeable. The acceleration time has decreased, the maneuverability has improved, as well as the power reserve.

When you tell people that Tesla can improve its cars with software updates that fly through the air when it’s parked at home (not in a car dealership), they might be surprised. However, if this is just a touchscreen update like the ones you might get on your mobile phone or computer from time to time, it might not seem like a big deal. What if your car could receive upgrades to make it faster, more agile and more durable?

The foreign publication Car and Driver compared the American Tesla Model S electric car with the German Porsche Taycan back in February. Tesla was not only slightly slower than an electric Porsche, but it also did not have the same endurance as an electric car from Porsche.

This means that while Tesla was able to start well in the first race, it could not repeat the same results over and over. And the Taycan showed the same level of performance every time.

Following these tests, Tesla has sent out a slew of software updates for its global vehicle fleet. One of them received the designation “Cheetah Stance”. Essentially, it helps the Model S sedan and Model X crossover get off to a better start, in many ways, some of which are influenced by changes to the vehicle’s adaptive air suspension. However, this update, like other updates, helped make cars faster and more agile, and increase their range on a single charge.

Car and Driver re-tested the Model S after updates. It now matches the Taycan’s acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h, which was 2.4 seconds. The update also shortens the acceleration time to the standard quarter mile (402 meters) by an average of 2 seconds.