Tesla Model S passes the “moose test” in real life with a real moose

Tesla Model S passes the “moose test” in real life with a real moose

January 25, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The autopilot of the electric car Tesla Model S coped with an unexpected situation

A video was published on the Web in which they demonstrated how Tesla Model S electronic systems work in real conditions. While driving an electric car on a snowy road in Sweden, an elk suddenly appeared in its path.

A Tesla Model S driver was driving an electric car with the autopilot system on at night on a snow-covered country road in Sweden. Suddenly, a large elk appeared on the way of the car, which decided, despite the approaching electric car, to go to the other side. It would seem that a collision with a wild animal could not be avoided, but Tesla’s electronic assistants recognized the danger in time.

The Model S autopilot, a few meters away from the moose, was able to recognize the obstacle, and the electronic collision avoidance system braked the electric car, allowing the animal to go its own way. During the maneuver on the icy road, the electric car skidded slightly, but the stabilization system and winter tires successfully coped with the difficult road surface, allowing the driver to continue driving.

In mid-January, a Twitter user posted a mystical video in which he demonstrated how Tesla’s on-board system detected the presence of a person next to an electric car. It would seem that this is not unusual, but the situation took place in an empty cemetery.