Tesla Model S owner lists factory problems of new model

Tesla Model S owner lists factory problems of new model

August 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Already off the assembly line, the Tesla Model S electric car came off with scratches on the body, problems in the cabin and creaking doors.

YouTube channel MrExitStrategy has a video of the owner of the newly received 2021 Tesla Model S. A Long Range car with a price tag of more than $ 100,000 turned out to have a huge number of factory defects – from scratches on the paintwork and defective seals to a shaking rear-view mirror and creaking doors. Despite all the defects in the production of an electric car, the owner admitted that he remains a fan of Tesla products.

In early 2021, Tesla presented the updated Model S. The electric car has slightly changed in the exterior, received an unusual steering wheel instead of the usual steering wheel, and also became more powerful, long-range and expensive. The updated Model S is already shipping to customers, and early customers have questions about build quality.

Whether problems with the assembly of the restyled Model S are widespread is not yet clear. The author of the video notes that he had a chance to ride another model, Model Y, and he did not find such an abundance of problems with her. The blogger also noticed that, despite the marriage, he remains a fan of Tesla electric vehicles.

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