Tesla Model S indirectly harms the atmosphere more than Mitsubishi Mirage

Tesla Model S indirectly harms the atmosphere more than Mitsubishi Mirage

November 9, 2017 0 By autotimesnews

There is an opinion that electric cars pollute the environment less than cars with classic internal combustion engines. However, as shown by a large-scale study, not everything is so obvious.

According to the Finantial Times newspaper in its article, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently conducted a study in which it was discovered that electric cars could pollute the environment even more than cars with traditional ICEs.

As an example, the Americans considered how many carbon dioxide emitted three models – the Tesla Model S P100D, the BMW 7 Series 750i xDrive and the Mitsubishi Mirage. As it turned out, in this fight the victory was confidently won by just a small Japanese hatchback, but it all depends on where the electric car is being charged and in what way the region extracts electricity. In the Midwestern United States, in states such as Ohio, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas (total 12 states), electricity is extracted, usually with the help of thermal and nuclear power plants. To Tesla Model S traveled 270,000 kilometers, heat generating stations need to throw into the atmosphere at least 48,600 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while Mitsubishi Mirage for the same run emits 46 980 kilograms of harmful substances into the atmosphere. BMW 750i xDrive in this respect is even more impressive: a German sedan will throw 95,310 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the Finantial Times reports.

If you take into account the costs of manufacturing cars with classic engines and electric cars, then the production of the latter spends much more energy due to the production of a block of lithium-ion batteries. In addition, batteries in electric cars will need to be disposed of, which will also require more energy.

From the state’s point of view, the strategy for switching to electric cars looks good on paper. But the environment will be polluted differently if in one case solar energy is used, and in the other – thermal, think the journalists Finantial Times.

Nevertheless, according to the professor of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Jessica Transik, even in countries such as Poland, where electricity is extracted from mineral resources, the rate on electric cars will improve the ecological situation if compared to cars of the same class, under the hood of which there are classic ICEs .