Tesla Model S in unmanned mode crashed into the fire truck

Tesla Model S in unmanned mode crashed into the fire truck

May 15, 2018 2 By autotimesnews

In the United States, another traffic accident occurred with the participation of an electric vehicle Tesla with an activated autopilot. As reported by NBC News, Model S moved on a highway in the state of Utah at a speed of about 100 km / h. As a result, the car crashed into the car of the fire service.

Behind the wheel of electric car Tesla was a woman. She claims that at the time of the accident, the autopilot function was activated in the car. The very owner of Model S, by her own admission, looked into the phone.

As a result of the accident, the woman driver Tesla received an ankle fracture, and the driver of the fire truck did not need medical assistance. The Model S itself can not be repaired.

In Tesla has repeatedly stressed that the autopilot is an auxiliary function and requires the driver to keep his hands on the handlebars. The car constantly reminds of this and automatically slows down until the driver puts his hands on the steering wheel. The function of a full autopilot is still in beta testing stage, the company reported.

This is not the first road accident involving Tesla cars. The loudest event happened on May 7 in the city of Williston, Florida. Then, as a result of the accident, the driver of the Tesla Model S died. The accident occurred when the freight van turned left in front of the car at the intersection. The investigation affected 25,000 models of Model S.

The company explained that neither the Tesla driver nor the autopilot noticed the white trailer of the wagon because of the bright light, so the brake was not applied. The high ground clearance of the trailer, its position on the track and the “extremely unusual circumstances” of the road accident led to the fact that the lower part of the wagon collided with the front glass of Model S, noted in Tesla. Later, the National Traffic Safety Administration on the US highway decided to stop the investigation of this road accident. The agency explained that they did not find any problems in the electric car that could lead to an accident.

Tesla, a company focused on the production of electric vehicles, was founded in 2003. Since 2008, he sells the Tesla Roadster. In 2012, the company introduced the Model S sedan. The manufacturer’s headquarters are in Palo Alto, California. The company employs more than two thousand people.

In February of this year, Tesla Motors decided to change its name to Tesla Inc. At this step, the American company went to remind of its plans to go beyond selling only electric cars and create a real “energy empire.”