Tesla Model S has dropped in price ridiculously. Thank you Lucid

Tesla Model S has dropped in price ridiculously. Thank you Lucid

October 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Now for the Tesla Model S sedan in the basic configuration asking for $ 69,420

The startup Lucid Motors has named the cost of the base version of its Air electric sedan: 69 thousand 990 US dollars, taking into account the country’s tax breaks on electric vehicles. For this money, buyers are offered a car slightly larger than Tesla Model S with a power reserve of 653 kilometers – six kilometers more than the Eski, which at that time cost from 71 thousand 990 dollars, but without taking into account the benefits.

In response, Elon Musk announced a price reduction for the Model S to $ 69,420. In American popular culture, these numbers are often used as a rather vulgar joke, where 69 means a position in sex, and 420 comes from the jargon of lovers of “soft” drugs.

This marks the second price cut for the Model S in recent days. At the beginning of the week, the sedan cost from $ 74,990 in the US.

Since the presentation of Lucid Air, Tesla has entered a tech and price war with the startup. So, initially Lucid showed the car in the top-end performance Dream Edition, which surpassed the Model S Performance in all respects. In response, Elon Musk announced the Model S Plaid, which will be faster than the competitor, will have a greater range and less cost. Lucid promised to finalize their model.

Rivalry also takes place on a personal level. The head of Lucid is Peter Rawlinson, who worked at Tesla and formally held the position of chief designer of the Model S. At the same time, Musk himself says that Rawlinson’s contribution to the creation of Eski is greatly exaggerated, and that he left Tesla at the moment when was most needed than let everyone down.