Tesla Model S electric car is going to turn into an “eco-friendly” hearse

Tesla Model S electric car is going to turn into an “eco-friendly” hearse

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This idea came to the head of the specialists of the British company Coleman Mine. You can already find images of the future novelty on the web.

In the UK, a local firm has come up with an unusual business idea: to convert the popular five-door Tesla Model S into electric hearses.

The initiators of this project plan to organize the assembly of cars in Germany, where they will be assisted by the masters of BINZ International. This German company specializes in the production of special purpose vehicles. The choice fell on this company for a reason: in 2017, the Germans have already demonstrated a similar project.

The body of the electric hearse is going to be made of a special composite multi-layer material. With its help, the Model S electric car will become stronger, and most importantly, it will noticeably increase its “passport” length. Specific figures have not yet been announced.

But the technical “stuffing” of the electric car will not be touched by the British-German tandem. The “green” hearse will have the same characteristics as the regular Model S electric car. One of them is “long range travel” of about 400 kilometers.

The British are already predicting good demand for such machines.

Meanwhile, a stylish replica of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup was built in Bosnia. The authors of the project tried to recreate in detail the sensational auto novelty, not only outside, but also inside. At the same time, the tuners took some liberties. For example, the “marble” front panel.