Tesla Model S Cybersedan: electric pickup sedan

Tesla Model S Cybersedan: electric pickup sedan

December 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The American company literally blew up the Internet after the presentation of its electric pickup truck Cybertruck. The model was so unusual for the modern world that it caused a wave of jokes, criticism, admiration, as well as a huge amount of work from designers.

 The tough stainless steel look and sharp corners are not what we expect to see now. A pickup truck looks like a futuristic movie car from the late 80s. Nevertheless, Elon Musk was not mistaken with the year, and again raised a wave of public relations around the world. Moreover, the number of works from independent designers continues to grow. Some prefer to create a new joke, while others seriously think about the appearance of the sedan in the style of a new pickup truck.

 Independent designer and Motor1 portal decided to find out how such a model might look. Judging by the image presented, the sedan would receive recognizable sharp corners, a triangular roof, and a flat “Muzzle”. Although the designer still decided to soften most of the corners. All lines have become smoother. The back was not shown to us, but it is obvious that the Tesla Model S Cybersedan could get a roomy trunk.


Of course, Tesla will not update its entire lineup to change the design in the style of the new pickup. Although, if Tesla decided to improve his design, the angular Model S would also get its share of popularity.

In the meantime, an inept drifter set fire to the Tesla charging station. The engine of the old Ford Mustang could not stand the work at high speeds and caught fire, after which the flame spread to the charging station.