Tesla Model S caught fire while driving: the fire is not caused by an accident

Tesla Model S caught fire while driving: the fire is not caused by an accident

June 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently one of the most famous electric cars caught fire just while driving. At the same time, there was no accident. Fortunately, the driver was warned in time by other drivers and managed to leave the car before getting injured.

In America there was another fire, associated with an electric car. Despite the fact that there are very few such cases, they still occur. And experts are sure that Tesla cars catch fire more often than others, probably because of the greater prevalence, and closer attention to this company.

This time the car caught fire while driving. And the driver did not suspect anything until the other participants in the movement warned him. Fortunately, the owner of the car managed to leave the vehicle before getting any injuries. A video confirms that the fire in the car in the city center did not lead to any serious consequences.

Representatives of Tesla say that experts have already begun to investigate the incident, and soon the first results may appear. At present, the cause is unknown, although the flame appears to have appeared in the front of the battery.

Actress Mary McCormack says her husband was behind the wheel of model S when she began to burn, which she wrote in a message to the company Tesla: “That’s what happened to my husband and his car today. When driving on the boulevard Santa Monica. Thanks to the kind couple who warned him and told him to leave the car. And, thank God, my three daughters were not in the car with my father”.

Historically, fires on electric vehicles are rare, although Tesla cars are more prone to this than other electric vehicles. This is probably due to the unique chemical composition of the batteries, which is why Tesla’s batteries are the most energy-intensive among all electric cars.

Later, more information will be available on the causes of the fire, as well as Tesla’s comments.

In the meantime, the body repair station Autocraft Bodywerks has presented a detailed video of how the Tesla Model 3 body restores after a small accident. The video shows the replacement of the rear wing and partial painting of the electric car.