Tesla Model S “caught” at the Nurburgring with a huge wing

Tesla Model S “caught” at the Nurburgring with a huge wing

October 25, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Photo spies once again captured an electric sedan on the famous track, but now the electric car flaunted a giant wing. In the past two months, Tesla Model S has become a frequent guest of the Nurburgring, which suggests that Elon Musk will still try to set a new record for the “Northern Loop”.

The Tesla Model S electric sedan hasn’t been registered at the Nurburgring for a couple of months now. It is being actively tested, obviously preparing for a serious test: the brand will nevertheless try to set an absolute speed record in the class. This time, the spy shots show off an electric sedan with a huge wing. Photo published by Autoevolution. This is still the same prototype of the blue color that is familiar to us, which received a three-engine power plant called Plaid. According to unofficial data, its power exceeds the mark of 772 hp.

 The test Tesla Model S received not only a new motor, but also a retuned chassis, “grown” wheel arches, as well as a roll cage and a driver’s “bucket” in the cabin. What eyewitnesses of arrival of “Tesla” indicated.

 A massive wing here, apparently, appeared so that the car could safely pass the track. There is another version of this upgrade: Elon Musk plans to pave the Model S road to motorsport.