Tesla Model S appeared in the form of a two-door convertible

Tesla Model S appeared in the form of a two-door convertible

January 21, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

This popular battery sedan has been redesigned on several occasions, but recent images show us a completely new car Tesla. ARES specialists worked on the project.

ARES has unveiled a road convertible based on the Tesla Model S electric car. This is a demo version, so it is not protected as it should be. Future convertibles from ARES will receive a complete roll-over protection system. These will be retractable crossbars, such as can be found on AUDI, BMW and Mercedes convertibles.

After the redesign, the Tesla Model S electric car received a soft folding roof. It takes up most of the space where the rear seats used to be. There will be no inconveniences with this: it was decided to block access to them anyway – the rear doors were removed, as were the middle pillars. Also, the spars under the cab and in the rear of the cabin were reinforced.

Instead of native rear seats installed custom-made. The upholstery is luxurious snow-white leather with hand-stitching and bright orange accents. In general, the company itself calls its new work a “clean body project”. And I liked the ARES result.

A lot of work has gone into this convertible, so the cost is likely to be decent.

Unfortunately, no specific amounts have been announced. There is no data on the operation of the power plant. Up to a hundred electric cars in a new body can accelerate in just 2.3 seconds, and the weight of the car can leave its mark in real time. The power reserve of the novelty will slightly exceed the 640 kilometers mark.

In the meantime, a tuned Dodge Challenger has appeared on sale. It should be admitted that the car turned out to be very unusual – a convertible was made of it.