Tesla Model S again left for the Nurburgring. This time with a huge wing

Tesla Model S again left for the Nurburgring. This time with a huge wing

October 24, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently, Elon Musk is still going to set a new record.

The Tesla Model S electric sedan, which has been passing tests at the Nurburgring for almost the second month and is trying to set an absolute speed record in the class, reappeared on the track. This time, photo spies photographed a car with a huge wing.

The familiar blue sedan left for tests. As it became known after past races, the car is a prototype that is equipped with a new power plant – a three-engine Plaid. According to unofficial information, the maximum power exceeds 772 horsepower and 931 Nm of torque.

In addition to the other engine, the chassis of the electric vehicle was retuned, the wheel arches were widened, instead of the usual rubber it was half-sliced, and according to eyewitnesses who were present on the track during the race, Tesla has no interior: there is a frame and a racing driver’s bucket inside.

It is still difficult to talk about why the Tesla needed further improvements, but perhaps the power plant turned out to be more powerful than expected by the company, and without a wing, the car simply cannot safely pass the track. In addition, this may also indicate the plans of Elon Musk to bring Model S to motorsport.

Musk announced in mid-September that the Model S was able to break the Nurburgring record for its main rival, the Porsche Taycan. Then it was reported that the American electric car drove the track 19 seconds faster than the competitor. After that, company representatives said they were going to improve their own lap record by another 15 seconds.

Model S prototypes did continue training on the track, but at the end of last month, one of the two test cars could not stand the load and broke right at the Nurburgring. He had to be evacuated, and the company said they were temporarily stopping testing and would return again after a month.