Tesla Model 3 window crashed spontaneously almost immediately after delivery

Tesla Model 3 window crashed spontaneously almost immediately after delivery

January 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla electric cars have recently become the protagonists of various curious cases. So, last fall, the new Tesla Model Y was left without a roof on the way home from the car dealership. Now another new car has surprised its owner.

A California resident who bought a Tesla Model 3 electric car complained about a broken rear window. The strangest thing in this story is that there were no external influences: this is definitely not a treacherous stone that bounced off the tire.

According to the owner of the electric car, the glass of the rear passenger door shattered into pieces almost immediately after delivery – the car retained its presentation for only a few minutes, writes Inside EVs. It is good that there were no passengers in the car, then this story would have acquired a completely different shade. Unfortunately, this is not the first case in California.

Glasses in Tesla electric cars broke for no apparent reason before that: complaints were received at the beginning of last year. The manufacturer undertook to restore the glazing of the car.

According to preliminary data, the glass could burst due to the improper design of the window itself and the increased pressure in the car interior.

Customers of other brands have also encountered unexpectedly falling apart car windows. For example, the German company Volkswagen, the Korean Hyundai and the American Ford.

Earlier it became known about delays in the supply of the Tesla Model Y crossover to the Chinese car market. Buyers will have to wait for their vehicles at least 3 months longer than originally planned.