Tesla Model 3 will receive a battery without cobalt

Tesla Model 3 will receive a battery without cobalt

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla is considering supplying so-called cobalt-free LFP batteries or batteries for its products made in China.

According to a foreign publication, Tesla is at an “advanced stage” of discussion with CATL, a supplier of such batteries, which uses fully modern Amperex technology. The battery manufacturer itself refrains from commenting, as does Tesla. If lithium-iron-phosphate batteries really exist, Tesla will then become a true pioneer in this area.

It is said that the fact that LFP batteries are not yet in use is explained by the fact that they can save less energy than the NCA lithium-ion battery version that has been used so far. However, cobalt, which is included in it, is not only very expensive, but also regularly discredited due to questionable methods of extracting the substance.

Since December, Tesla has been delivering Model 3 locally produced to China. This car will be the first to receive a new battery, but the possibility of use in other models and countries cannot be ruled out.