Tesla Model 3 turned into a pickup

Tesla Model 3 turned into a pickup

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Girl-blogger ahead of Ilona Mask in creating a practical electric car

Youtube-blogger Simona Girtz decided not to wait for the “real” Tesla pickup, but to assemble her own version based on Model 3. With the support of Rich Benoit from Rich Rebuilds, who repeatedly tried Tesla electric cars, Girtz bought the car and set to work.

The bloggers chose Model 3 because of the aluminum body, which is much easier to modify than steel, like Model X and Model S. The process of creating a pickup truck involved several steps. The first is the dismantling of the cabin, roof and trunk, the second is getting rid of the “extra” rear pillars, and the third is to install the frame in the bodywork.

With a bonus, Geertz placed the trunk of welded steel pipes on the roof of an electric car. There are also fixed three small searchlights, which gave the car an expeditionary look. As a joke, a pickup truck was called “Truckla” from the words “Tesla” and “truck”.

As for the official electric pickup Tesla, it will appear no sooner than a few years. According to Elon Musk, the model can be bought for 50 thousand dollars “or even cheaper.” The following is known about the new product: it will receive a double cabin with six seats, and the powerplant will include two electric motors that will provide “breathtaking torque”. According to preliminary estimates, the power reserve of the electric drive will be 650-800 kilometers.