Tesla Model 3 traveled 2781 kilometers per day. This is a new record

Tesla Model 3 traveled 2781 kilometers per day. This is a new record

July 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla driver proved that it is possible to travel by electric car

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 decided once again to prove that electric cars do an excellent job with long journeys and are in no way inferior to cars with classic ICEs. During the day, he managed to overcome for his sedan 2781 kilometers – this was a new record among electric vehicles.

Bjorn Niland went on a journey through the roads of Germany. For the purity of the experiment, he specifically made his journey as close as possible to real life – in particular, he followed all the rules of the road, including speed limits. The main part of the route ran through the German autobahns, which you can travel at a speed of 170 kilometers per hour, so the average speed of the Tesla was 115 kilometers per hour.

Niland used Ionity to recharge the station – they are able to charge the car much faster than Tesla’s Supersharger. They differ from standard charging stations of increased efficiency: the classic “charging” is primarily designed for long-term work, so they operate at low power, and the priority of Ionity is the charging speed of each car.

The driver set a record driving a top-end version of the Long Range with all-wheel drive. On one charge, the electric car in this modification is capable of driving about 500 kilometers. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour from the electric car takes 4.5 seconds. For comparison, the basic version of the Model 3 can travel 418 kilometers, and the first 100 km/h standard sedan dials in 5.6 seconds.