Tesla Model 3 set a historical record for December sales

Tesla Model 3 set a historical record for December sales

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sales of Tesla Model 3 soared to new heights, and so high that never before has a single charged electric car sold in such volumes for one month.

In December, sales of the cheapest and most popular Tesla model in the United States reached 25,250 cars – a new record not only for Tesla, but for all electric vehicles, and this result does not include sales in Canada and in the world.

If we evaluate the growth of sales of Model 3 for the year, here and there is marked almost the highest growth among all major automakers. In December 2017, Tesla sold 1060 Model 3 units in the United States, which is 25 times less than in December 2018.

The total sales figures of Tesla Model 3 for 12 months amounted to about 140 thousand cars, which is much higher than all charged electric vehicles sold in the USA since 2015. For example, earlier the biggest sales volume for the year in 2014 was at Nissan Leaf – a little more than 30 thousand units, while the Model 3 almost reached this figure in one month.

Note that a total of Tesla sold more than 190 thousand electric Model 3, Model S and Model X in 2018, capturing more than half of the US electric vehicle market, as well as two or three revenues in the segment.