Tesla Model 3 sales volumes have grown significantly

Tesla Model 3 sales volumes have grown significantly

January 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to official figures, in December last year, the American electric sedan Tesla Model 3 was sold in the amount of 25,250 copies. The guys from Tesla say that this is the highest selling model in its history. These figures are valid only for the US auto market.

As part of their recent interview, representatives of the American automaker noted that never before had their electric cars been sold in such large numbers as in December last year.

I must say that things are going very well with sales of Tesla Model 3 – according to the results of May and June 2018, about 6,000 electric vehicles were sold by official dealers of the company, in July this figure was increased to 14,250 units.

Growth continued in August 2018 – this month 17,800 units of an all-electric sedan were sold. Well, in the last month of the third quarter of last year (September), it was possible to realize 22,250 units.

According to official data, in October and November, consumer activity declined – 17,750 and 18,650 units were sold, respectively. The US car market is taken into account. In the last month of last year, for the purchase of brand new Tesla Model 3, 25 250 American motorists turned to official dealers of Tesla.