Tesla Model 3 received the highest rating for headlights

Tesla Model 3 received the highest rating for headlights

October 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The budget American electric car has been named the Institute for Highway Safety Insurance (IIHS) by the car with the best headlights on the market today.

IIHS experts have chosen the 5 best cars that are currently equipped with the best and worst headlights. At the same time, the Tesla Model 3 head optics received a rating of “Good” – the highest possible rating of the institute because of their impressive visibility when testing on straight and bumpy roads. Among the cars that the IIHS tested, the Model 3 headlights turned out to be the best, delivering the right amount of light without being too bright for other road users.

It is worth noting that during its initial tests of the early version of Model 3, the institute gave the headlights of an all-electric sedan an “Acceptable” rating due to glare appearing in the low beam. This rating was later revised when IIHS rated the later assembly of the car, which received an almost unattainable “Good” rating.

All Tesla vehicles are equipped with LED high and low beam headlights. IIHS relies more on dipped headlights than on high beams. This is due to use during normal driving, when low beams are used more often than high beams. Luckily for Model 3, having automatic features also helped the overall headlamp assessment in IIHS.

The top five headlights also included the Lexus ES350 and Mercedes Benz C-Class, who shared 5th place, Toyota Camry in 4 positions, the Genesis G90 opened the top three and Honda Insight in 2nd place. Interestingly, the five cars that were on the list of the worst headlights were from the same manufacturers as some of the cars on the list of the best headlights.

These are Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 in 5th place, Honda Civic and Acura ILX in 4th place, Chevy Bolt in 3rd place and Toyota Yaris in 2nd place. It is noteworthy that all Volkswagen cars received a rating of “Poor” and “satisfactory”, as a result of which the entire fleet of the German automaker took 1st place in the list of “worst headlights”.