Tesla Model 3 received a vintage interior

Tesla Model 3 received a vintage interior

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Vilner’s European interior specialists excelled and delighted Tesla fans.

In the interior of Tesla, there is one thing that disturbs people who are accustomed to a traditional car – this is the lack of diversity. Of course, you can choose one color leather option, but there are not so many variations as, for example, in BMW or Audi. And although there is a definite plus in the fact that you do not have to spend tens of thousands for the choice, still it definitely affects the ability of self-expression.

Perhaps inspired by Tesla Model S Plaid, who was trying to set Nurburgring records this year, the tuner chose to use a smaller Model 3 fabric in the interior, replacing artificial leather. The blue – turquoise hue used for seats and head restraints is very similar to the classic Chanel – Houndstooth interior. Meanwhile, the roof, door pillars and many other elements are also trimmed with the same fabric. Orange leather is present on rollers and door cards, possibly as a contrast.

Tesla replaced the conventional dashboard with a touch screen, and Vilner Garage installed a decorative wood panel, which, once again, emphasizing the spirit of minimalism, is continued in the decoration of the doors, where the skin has a color similar to wood.

“The gray digital darkness in the interior of a silent car can be realized with a stylish and predisposing combination of high-quality materials inscribed in the original interior design – a unique atmosphere of tranquility, serenity and charming hospitality that surrounds you like home clothes,” the tuner comments on his unique release Tesla.