Tesla Model 3 Performance staged a drag race with two powerful supercars

Tesla Model 3 Performance staged a drag race with two powerful supercars

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

On the Internet you can find enough videos of races between cars of popular brands, and the victory of any of them did not cause much enthusiasm. Although seeing such a spectacle live, it gives an incredibly many positive emotions.

When the whole world was expecting the appearance of the new Tesla Model 3 sports electric car, everyone understood that it would be something new, unusual, some fresh air in terms of evolution of engineering. Although the main task of electric cars is to maintain the ecological state of the world and noiselessly, the third model can also compete with the most powerful supercars in drag.

The incredibly fast supercars Audi R8 and Jaguar XE only saw the back of an electric car, losing to him in the race. This is impressive! Moreover, the electric car wins them not only in its speed, noiselessness, economy and environmental support. The model from Tesla is very comfortable and spacious, which is usually not the case with serious supercars. I think the choice here is obvious.

Tesla Model 3 is the most budget electric car in its lineup, the car is sold for 35 thousand dollars.

Looking at the current situation, which car would you prefer? An innovative electric and economical car of the future or a time-tested device with an internal combustion engine?