Tesla Model 3 interior updated to protect against thieves

Tesla Model 3 interior updated to protect against thieves

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Surveillance footage will now be locked in the glove compartment

In the coming days, Tesla is to revealed a restyled version of the Model 3 sedan. While the automaker posted an image of the new center console in its social networks. The Electrek.co edition has found out what other innovations will appear in the interior of the car.

The most practical thing is a separate USB port in the lockable glove compartment. It can include a drive for recording video from outdoor autopilot cameras when the car is under protection.

The so-called Sentry Mode appeared in Tesla as a measure to combat vandals and thieves. Using autopilot cameras, the car can record everything that happens around, which has helped the police more than once to catch criminals.

However, for this, the owners had to plug the data drive into one of the USB ports in the cabin. Thieves soon found out about this and began to break the windows of cars and take away flash drives when committing a crime.

Now drives will be locked in glove compartments, which can only be opened by starting the system and using the central touchscreen.

The updates will not end there, of course. So, a new steering wheel will appear in the cabin, the outside of the car can be distinguished by new taillights and rims, and at least the version for the Chinese market will lose the outer chrome parts, which will be replaced with elements of black gloss.

The main expected update in terms of technology should be the replacement of a conventional electric heater with a heat pump, which consumes several times less energy. Such a device is already being installed on the Tesla Model Y crossover.