Tesla Model 3 interior camera tracks driver’s eye and head movements

Tesla Model 3 interior camera tracks driver’s eye and head movements

October 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

One of the users of the social network told about this on Twitter.

According to the published message, the camera located on the rear-view mirror of the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is capable of not only recording video, but also tracking the position of the head and the direction of the driver’s gaze. Also, the device is able to distinguish the actions of a person – whether he is looking at the phone while driving or whether he is wearing sunglasses.

It is assumed that such functionality is necessary to ensure the operation of the autopilot system, which currently does not “know” what the driver is doing while driving. For this, Tesla has been criticized more than once – after all, not a single autopilot in the world is now capable of driving a car without the help of a driver, which means that the latter must constantly monitor the system.

Last year, the owners of Tesla Model 3 drew attention to the camera in the cabin. In response, Elon Musk assured them in his Twitter that the camera would have only the function of a video recorder, which is necessary for autonomous services Uber and Lyft. It was supposed that she would monitor the behavior of passengers and help determine who exactly caused damage to the car, if this happens. Now the new functionality of the camera causes concern – the footage captured by the device, in the event of an accident, can be used against the owner of the car – at the time of the accident he could be distracted by the phone.