Tesla Model 3 for the police paid for itself in a year

Tesla Model 3 for the police paid for itself in a year

October 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Such a car is in service in the American state of Indiana.

About a year ago, the Indiana Police Force acquired an official vehicle. Initially, it was necessary to make a choice between two cars – the electric Tesla Model 3 and the Dodge Charger muscle car. It would seem that the choice is pretty obvious, since Dodge was much cheaper and is a proven car.

However, the police decided to stick with the more modern Tesla. Tesla Model 3 at the time of purchase cost $ 8,333 more than Dodge. A year later, the head of the police department, Todd Bertram, shared his experience of operating the popular electric car.

For the year, the savings compared to the operation of the Dodge Charger amounted to $ 6,755, so Tesla is practically self-sufficient.

At the same time, Tesla has one important advantage – the almost silent operation of the car, which is very important for a police car on patrol.

Earlier it became known that the Tesla Model 3 sedan will be equipped with a new type of batteries. Their main feature will be the absence of cobalt, which should make the battery much cheaper. Such batteries will be produced at a plant in China, which was recently commissioned.