Tesla Model 3 bypassed the legendary McLaren F1 hypercar on the track

Tesla Model 3 bypassed the legendary McLaren F1 hypercar on the track

March 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla electric cars have long proved that in acceleration from a standstill they can not leave stone unturned even from the most powerful, fastest and most expensive supercars. Neither turbines nor a huge number of cylinders (8 or 12) help ICE owners.

However, in conditions of a real race, racing requires more than just a powerful start: handling, powerful brakes and, of course, a power reserve that at least allows you to get to the finish line. But it turns out that even the cheapest Tesla has it all: Tesla Model 3 was able to get around the legendary McLaren F1 hypercar on the track!

We’ll specify right away that the non-factory version of the Model 3 took part in the race. It was installed a set of improvements from the American company Unplugged Performance, specializing in tuning Tesl.


In the case of this car, the kit included an aerodynamic package, a modified suspension, ultra-light forged wheels, Michelin OE Porsche 997 GT3 Tires 305 / 30ZR19 Cup 2 tires and a more efficient brake system. The entire interior remained in place: they did not get rid of a single element for the sake of weight loss, as is often the case. Only standard seats were replaced with racing buckets.

Compared to tuning cars with ICE, such a set looks rather modest: neither you need turbines or mechanical superchargers, nor forged pistons and “evil” camshafts. However, such a kit from Unplugged Performance costs $ 35,000, which is comparable to the price of the base Model 3.

As a result, an electric car with standard electric motors, a battery and other elements drove the Japanese Tsukuba track in 1: 03.38. McLaren F1 spent a little more time on it – 1: 04.62.

In fairness, we note that the race of the British hypercar (and the McLaren F1 is considered the world’s first hypercar) was not held simultaneously with the Tesla Model 3, but six years ago. And judging by the video, the weather conditions were not the best then: fog and high humidity. At the same time, Tesla rode with a clear sky and a dry track.

However, the fact that one of the most inexpensive electric cars with four doors, five seats and a roomy trunk is enough to go around the icon of sports car industry from the 90s is worth a lot.