Tesla Model 3 broke the world record for electric vehicle sales for any month

Tesla Model 3 broke the world record for electric vehicle sales for any month

September 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

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According to analytical agencies, the most agitated electric car Tesla Model 3 was sold in the amount of 17 800 units. Thus, the car broke its own record, and became the most popular electric car.

Already for several years the network published materials that Tesla company is unprofitable, and as a public corporation it did not take place at all, and it is only a matter of time when it declares itself bankrupt. However, practice shows the opposite, and in spite of the fact that it is still difficult for her to adhere to the volume of production of Model 3 in 5,000 units per week, there are many reasons for pride.

We will not even mention the fact that this is the first company that popularized electrified cars, and also managed to bring them to a separate, commercially attractive segment. Earlier it was reported that Telsa Model 3 is the most popular electric car to date, but August 2018 shows completely new results.

So, by the results of the last month the most affordable model in the company’s lineup was sold in the amount of 17 800 units. This indicator brings the model to the tops of the whole world, and makes it the absolute champion in the segment of electric cars on sales for any month. Before the advent of the Model 3, the most popular electric car was Nissan Leaf, which was proud of the results of 30,200 cars in four months.

Of course, sales of premium models Tesla Model S and Model X are not so impressive, but they also make up a small share – 2,625 and 2,750 units respectively. Moreover, both indicators almost doubled in comparison with July. Then 1 200 Model S and 1 325 Model X were sold.

To date, Tesla is the leading manufacturer of electric cars, and is not going to concede this place to other manufacturers. Analysts also expect that in the near future the company will only increase its profitability and share price. But it is not yet known how the appearance of more and more electric cars from other world brands – Mercedes, Volkswagen, as well as Audi and Porsche – will affect the sales.

In the meantime tuning studio Prior Design has developed a package of improvements for the premium American model of the electric car Tesla Model S. It was named PD-S1000 Aerodynamic-Kit and includes a set of aerodynamic elements.