Tesla may break into the restaurant business

Tesla may break into the restaurant business

June 4, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

California-based automaker Tesla has filed patents for the food industry. This will be another line of business for the brand related to charging points.

In the future, we will be able to talk about Tesla’s work that has little to do with cars. This will be the area of ​​gastronomy in the fast food subsector. The company has applied to the US Patent and Registration Office to use its logos for the food industry.

One of the pillars of Tesla’s business is recharging vehicles for long-distance travel. These top-ups are free of charge for the first customers, as well as for those who came later, but only up to a certain annual consumption. The rest pay, like everyone else, in exchange for a fast, well-maintained network for specific vehicles.

The diner is a fundamental part of American culture. These cafes are created specifically for auto travelers, and not so much for lovers of gourmet cuisine. The USPTO registered application deals with food service, self-service restaurants and take-out food. The easiest thing to think about is adding restaurants with a Tesla brand image to charging stations that, without investing a dollar, already have an unconditional audience.

In the development of this direction, Musk will be assisted by his brother Kimbal Musk. He co-founded the Kitchen Restaurant Group with a variety of restaurants spread across the states. In addition, the businessman is a recognized fan of the culture of driving cars and classic cars.

Tesla restaurants will not appear in the short term. Obtaining administrative permits to set up this type of business in the United States can be a tedious process.

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