Tesla management accused of spying on employees

Tesla management accused of spying on employees

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In his address, the specialist indicated that company executives are spying on every employee.

According to the lawyer, an application for illegal surveillance was filed on January 24 of the current year.

Moreover, the former head of global security Tesla is also ready to prove that company executives intervened in an internal investigation into the possible theft of products at the Gigafactory in the amount of $ 37 million.

Prove the fact of perfect theft of the company’s leaders failed. The lawyer also says that the charges are confirmed by another similar treatment, which was put forward from another former employee.

So in August last year, one of the former employees accused the company’s management of installing specialized routing equipment at one of the factories.

The representative of Tesla made a refutation of the information, stating that all the data provided was not true and aimed only at attracting the media.