Tesla made a surfboard for 1500 dollars

Tesla made a surfboard for 1500 dollars

July 30, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The design studio Tesla together with the company Lost Surfboards presented a limited series of surfboards. In total, 200 surfboards are planned to be finished, with a matte and glossy coating similar to that used on Tesla electric vehicles. The price of the board is 1500 dollars

Each board is made individually. Its production and delivery takes two to ten weeks. At the heart of the Tesla surfboard is the light core EPS Core and a hybrid design with layers of carbon fiber and heat-resistant magnesium-aluminosilicate glass.

In addition to surfboards, Tesla produces branded accessories and clothing: miniature Supercharger charging stations for smartphones, large copies of electric vehicles, leather products, and children’s typewriters.

Tesla also manufactures Powerwall energy storage devices for home use. Batteries are able to accumulate energy during the day, and at peak hours or in the evening, give it back to the common network. Thus, the load on the energy system and the electricity costs are reduced.