Tesla made a “downgrade” of Chinese Model 3 secretly from buyers

Tesla made a “downgrade” of Chinese Model 3 secretly from buyers

March 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Soon after the launch of the Tesla factory in Shanghai, the first buyers finally got their new Model 3 electric cars. But the joy of acquiring a popular sedan was short-lived: as it turned out, the manufacturer kept silent about the serious difference between the Chinese version of the car and the reference model.

Almost immediately after the start of sales, some owners of new cars found that the marking of the on-board computer does not coincide with the model number stated in the advertising materials. As it turned out, the manufacturer equipped Tesla 3 versions for the PRC market with autopilot chips of the HW 2.5 version, whose performance is 21 times lower than the newer HW 3.0 installed in American electric cars of the same brand. Some buyers even announced their intention to file a class action lawsuit against the company.

In response to the allegations, Tesla representatives said that the chip of the previous generation “is practically no different” from the latest version and noted that by default it is installed in electric cars only with the purchase of a separate option Full Self-Driving – this also applies to buyers outside the PRC. Nevertheless, the company has already formally apologized to the Weibo social network and has promised to replace the obsolete hardware in the new products sold as soon as the HW 3.0 processors are available in the region.

According to the automaker, there is now a shortage of the latest processors in China due to the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the growth of its scale, many technology companies were forced to curtail or reduce the production of components. According to the original plan, the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory plant should produce up to 500,000 electric cars per year.