Tesla lost the leading engineer who worked in the company since 2003

Tesla lost the leading engineer who worked in the company since 2003

July 3, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Now it became known that the leading engineer in combination who holds the post of vice president of engineering for the company, has not returned from his long vacation. Previously it was assumed that Doug Field already now had to return to his duties after a long vacation in mid-May (the vacation should take six weeks). And the company officially confirmed the information that Field is no longer listed in the state of the company.

According to analysts – the departure of Doug Field – this is the biggest loss for the company Tesla in the management team. And the engineer introduced a lot of innovations to the company, and managed to introduce a simplified scheme of power supply in Tesla Model 3, which significantly reduced the time of assembly of cars, the cost price, as well as the final cost of an electric car.

Field has worked in Tesla since 2003 and, being a leading engineer, was responsible for the production of electric vehicles. Unfortunately the reason for the departure of the chief engineer has not yet been reported. Also, journalists were not able to receive comments from the most former vice president of engineering.

Nevertheless, on July 1, Elon Musk announced that it had fulfilled its promise to achieve a production capacity of 5,000 Model 3 per week. And in the near future it is planned to increase the production to 6,000 cars. However, experts are not sure about the company’s ability to maintain stable production at this level.