Tesla lost control and rammed the garage

Tesla lost control and rammed the garage

October 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The driver tried to escape the police chase

In one of the small cities of the American state of California, a Tesla Model 3 driver tried to escape a police chase, but lost control and rammed the garage of a private house at high speed.

The police reportedly chased the man after he made an unsafe lane change in front of them. The driver did not want to pay the fine and tried to get away from the chase in his electric car.

However, he could not cope with the control of the Tesla – at some point the man skidded and he first crashed into a lamppost with his rear end, and then at high speed flew into the garage of the house and almost completely destroyed it.

The driver decided not to wait for the police and fled the scene of the accident. The police tried to find the fugitive in hot pursuit, but they managed to find the violator only the next morning. At the same time, he left a passenger in the electric car, who was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

However, the autopilot system, perhaps, would have behaved in the same way and would hardly have saved the driver from a collision with the garage – at the end of September, a video was published on the Web showing how the automatic braking system failed the test miserably. She recognized the pedestrian too late and did not have time to brake.