Tesla limits the capacity of its charging stations in Europe

Tesla limits the capacity of its charging stations in Europe

August 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The American company has not yet officially commented on the information.

Tesla proudly offers charging stations throughout the US as well as Europe. In Portugal, it is the only widely recognized electric vehicle manufacturer as it provides a fast charging network that is currently not available in the country.

However, Tesla owners complain that in most countries they cannot get more than 120 kW of charge power. They asked Tesla for an explanation, but have not received anything yet. This speed limit has been reported from Spain, UK, Portugal, Sweden and most other countries where cars are sold.

According to Tesla club members, some of them sometimes manage to get past this limit, while most are stuck at 120kW. According to some reports, the power of the station does not exceed 117 kW, even when there is no other electric car charging.

According to club reports, people were worried Tesla might have weakened the power output of its fast charging stations. Tests at other charging stations like Ionity have shown that the problem is indeed with the superchargers.

In this regard, some club members have developed theories of what is happening. Some believe Tesla has decided to restrict superchargers because of the hot weather Europe has faced in many countries this year.

In any case, if that were the case, any temperature spike in the past would cause the same drop in charging speed. Given that slower charging sessions are also more expensive, another reason could be for financial reasons.